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STATS (as of August 20)

BUST: 36

WAIST: 38.5  (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!)

HIPS: 39.5 (arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!)

WEIGHT: 149.4  (omg! Back to square one! Someone kill me now!!! Puh-LEEEEEEZE)

BODY FAT %: 30.6 (the silver lining I guess…)


STATS (as of July 31)

BUST: 36   (yee-haw! The puppies are holdin’ on!)

WAIST: 37   (apparently so is my waistline)

HIPS: 39 (argh.)

WEIGHT: 147.6  (whoo hoo!!!)

BODY FAT %: 30.3

STATS (as of July 23)

BUST: 36   (argh. There’s nothing worse than losing weight where you need it!)

WAIST: 37.5   (an inch and a half baby! Yeeeeah!)

HIPS: 39

WEIGHT: 149.0  (well, one pound is better than nothing right?)

BODY FAT %: 31.6 (hmmm now that’s a bit odd isn’t it? how do you lose inches and weight but increase fat???  PMS perhaps?)

STATS (as of July 15)

BUST: 38

WAIST: 39 (eek!)

HIPS: 40 (ack!)

WEIGHT: 150.1 lbs (anyone know how many sticks of butter that would be???)

BODY FAT %: 30.3 (yay me)