Dear inconsiderate people riding the subway eastbound today,

My 6 month old son and I would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts (the very bottom, like scraping the very end kind of bottom) for not offering your seat to us.

Apparently a woman carrying a baby in a carrier, with a giant chair in a bag hanging off one shoulder and a giant diaper bag hanging off the other shoulder was not an indication that perhaps an empty seat would be appreciated.

And apparently a woman with the above mentioned baggage leaning against the subway doors in agony was not an indication that perhaps her spine was going to snap in two from the weight she was carrying.

We would especially like to thank the idiot who stared at us the entire 7 stops and then, after getting up to exit the subway car, actually had the audacity to say “your baby is so adorable”. Why thank you Mrs. Idiot. Too bad he’s not cute enough for you to offer your seat.

Oh, and kudos to the !@#$%^&* jerk who took her spot right after she got out of her seat without so much as a considerate glance our way. Yah, you know who you are.

So a big thank you goes out to every last one of you who rode the subway eastbound today and either pretended not to see us, saw us but didn’t care or is just so clueless that you actually don’t know that the little sign above your seat that says “please give up your seat…” means that you should actually do it.

Flippin’ the bird to y’all,

Pissed off Mother and baby


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