Kellogg’s Special K Fruit and Yogurt


Omg, healthy, sweet and sooooooo delicious. Best part? It’s only 2 Weight Watchers points baby! (well, for one bowl anyways).

“Tambourine” by Eve


Gotta love this hard-as-nails-chickita and her quick tongue. This song has a catchy beat and is currently at the top of my IPod list for when I work out…and drive…and walk…and…

Starbucks Stainless Steel Waterbottle


I know, I know. I could pretty much buy a stainless steel waterbottle anywhere. But this particular design from Starbucks caught my eye everytime I went in there so I just had to have it. Environmentally friendly and with a conviniently looped top so that it’s super easy to carry a-la-finger, I take this bottle practically everywhere.



When it comes to clothes that I work out in, I’m not really a brand-whore. Seriously. Any stupid tank top that doesn’t show how much sweat is actually leaving the armpit area will do. But I have to say that the Nike Dri-Fit tank top that I bought on impulse one day is now my all-time favourite tank top to work out in. When they say “dri-fit” they aren’t kidding. This tank is totally lightweight, super comfy and wicks away moisture better than the Sham-wow.



I’m admiting it. I’m a baby-gearhead.  I mean, it’s like an addiction — from buying clothes to cool-looking accessories to the hip new make-your-life-easier baby tools — whether I truly need them or not I’m buying ’em.

Moms To Be and More is the husband’s and my favourite baby store. It’s completely Yuppy and not exactly Toys-R-Us priced by any means but they have some of the coolest gear for babies (and mommies too). Case in point: I just bought a super-cool Pirate pacifier-clip for baby boy. Argh matey! (tee-hee!)



Ah sweet, crisp, delicious Freshii salad to go. How I love thee.

But I’m no salad-snob. I’m still having a bit of trouble swallowing the fact that for the convenience of having someone put together a custom-built salad with a variety of toppings that I didn’t know existed, I’m dishing out close to ten bucks. Ten bucks for a salad that I can basically make at home but am way to lazy to actually attempt.

And yet, I still purchase my Freshii-mix salad with green apple, sweet corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, roasted peppers, egg whites, sundried tomatoes, cheese and dried cranberries…

…Twice a week…

…at least.



Have you tried these body washes yet? If not, you gotta try ’em! The scents are to die for and of course, they leave you Dove-approved silky smooth. The matching-scented deoderants and body sprays are just as lovely. This gal’s fave? Dove ‘Go Fresh’ REFRESH body wash (the blue one). The scent really perks you up in the morning and keeps you feeling energized throughout the day!


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