Ok granted, when you’re on a diet you really shouldn’t be hitting McDonalds. But sometimes you just have to eat and unfortunately the only thing within a five mile radius is the dreaded ‘Mickey D’s’. And if you happen to forget your Weight Watchers points book at home…well, things could go to hell in a handbasket real fast.

BUT there is hope! Recently I stumbled upon a really nifty contraption on the McDonalds web site while looking for the nutritional information for the snackwrap I had eaten earlier that day. It’s a Nutrition Calculator. Simply click on the “Category” under which your meal falls (for example, Lunch/Dinner Sandwiches, Beverages, whatever), then scroll through the picturesque options until you find what you’ve eaten (or want to eat if you’re actually planning a trip to the Mc-Joint) and drag the picture of each item you’ve eaten (or about to eat) to your tray below. Immediately the full nutritional information for each item pops up in the box to the right! And voila! You can calculate your points!

Totally McCool if you ask me.

Oh and by the way, a grilled chicken snack wrap with Mediterranean ‘sauce’ is 5 points.

And it’s PUNY.


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