STROLLER FIT (Stroll-er-ft) noun: a form of post-pregnancy exercise wherein the unsuspecting mother pushes her baby in a stroller at top speed along park paths and up/down a few steep hills and stairs for good measure and including the occasional bout of aerobics and strength training on the grass just in case the mother wasn’t exhausted enough.

STROLLER FIT THOUGHT OF THE DAY (while running uphill with the stroller for the third time): “Whoever designed jogging strollers obviously never pushed one up a hill…do they know how *&^%$#@! heavy this thing is???”

COOL STROLLER FIT THINGY OF THE DAY: keyboard player from the Barenaked Ladies strolled past my Stroller Fit group while we did push-ups off a park bench and our babies bawled on the sidelines. Ok, granted he’s not the most popular member of the band, but still — could he pick a more unflattering day to walk by me???

NOT-SO-COOL STROLLER FIT THINGY OF THE DAY: Almost ran over a Beau Mastiff as I was catching up with my group across the grass. ‘Ever see a motorcycle that has plowed into the back of a transport truck? Yah, that would have been me with my stroller.

BUDDHA BELLY: 0          ABS: 1


Had lunch with a bunch of my gal pals this afternoon at Jack Astors. I have 2 new favourite food items at that place. One is the artichoke, goat cheese and spinach dip with Tortilla chips — so delish that it’s well worth the 5 point value. The other is the “Chopstick Salad” — salad, red peppers, cranberries, spicy pecans, grilled chicken breast, won-tons and sesame dressing. Here’s the thing — you have to skip the won-tons because even without them this incredible salad is still a good 15 – 20 points (depending on whether you have the dressing on the side or not…I chose to let them dress it so it came out to be a whopping 20 points!!!) Very worth the points and extremely filling though. I’ll just have to remember to dress it myself next time. I was really tempted to have a coffee but wanted to save whatever points I had for a healthy dinner later on.

By the end of the day I wound up over my daily points range by 13…not good when I have a BBQ to go to on Sunday but it just means that I’ll have to be conscious from this point forward.

Oh, and while running errands tonight the husband, baby boy and I discovered a new Gelato Cafe that just opened up down the street from our place. As if I didn’t have to exercise willpower enough with the Starbucks down the street and around the corner, now THIS? Argh. I told the husband that he should post a notice behind the Gelato counter with a picture of my face and a caption that reads “Do Not Feed the Italian Gelato or anything else from this establishment“.

Tomorrow I don’t have a Baby and Me Fitness class (at least not until August when I start AquaFit anyhow) so my plan of attack is to go for a power stroll with baby boy and the pooch in the morning, catch up on some work in the afternoon and then go to my karate class later that evening.

If I can feel my legs that is.


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