So this weekend has been one big giant bust. And I totally admit that it was all due to my incredible lack of willpower.

I’ve been so good all week limiting myself to salads (albeit tasty ones, not your run-of-the-mill lettuce and tomato salads, but hey, they’re salads nevertheless) and good sources of protein, etc. But once Friday hit my good sense went out the window (and fell into the path of a mac track, got flattened and slid into a nearby sewer drain where it drowned in sewage…yup, it’s been THAT BAD).

Friday afternoon wasn’t all that bad in terms of the diet. I met up with my gal pal and her four month old son for baby boy’s play-date and since the boys can’t really do much in terms of socializing just yet and the weather didn’t promise to hold out for a casual stroll, she and I rolled into our fave Greek restaurant for a late lunch. I ordered chicken souvlaki (on a stick, not on the bun) with salad and roasted potatoes. Well over my points value for the day but I tried to eat more of the salad and less of the carbs. Oh, and I suppose I should admit to partaking in some Saganaki…but hey, I only ate half of it that’s gotta count for something right???

*sigh* ok fine, I totally screwed myself with the Saganaki.

But Friday evening was the tip of the iceberg. By the time the husband, baby boy and I stepped out the door to get some air after what seemed like a million errands I was starved. The husband was starved. And instead of putting our noggins together and attempting to come up with a healthy late dinner plan we wound up at Kraft Burger at Yonge and Bloor, stuffing our faces with burgers and fries. Oh I know that’s horrible but it doesn’t end there folks, on our way back to the parking lot we passed by a crepe restaurant in trendy Yorkville…

…then backed up and went in…

…then had crepes…

…nutella with banana crepes…

…and a cappuccino…

Oh, the HORROR!!!

So Friday was a wash. And although I knew that on Saturday I would have a “high tea” to attend to celebrate conjoined family birthdays, I really truly thought I could get back on track.

Yah…not so much.

For some odd reason I thought that “high tea” consisted of nothing but tea and little triangle sandwiches and scones. And perhaps in normal circles this is the case. But not this high tea. This one did have the standard triangle sandwiches and scones but it also had chocolates and cupcakes and pastries and…need I go on?

I really wanted to stay on track. I did. I desperately wanted to stick with the triangle sandwiches and the tiny plate of vegetables and dip but the mini cupcakes and the eclairs and the chocolates called to me…BECKONED ME to indulge in all their sweetness. And, seriously, who can pass up mini cupcakes from Cupcake Lane?

So now I’m home after having literally rolled in the door and feeling incredibly guilty and…well…FULL. I know, I know, I shouldn’t beat myself up over this little major setback and surprisingly, I’m not! I feel guilty, yes. I regret my overindulgence, yes. But I’m actually going to take this guilt and regret and am going to use it as motivation to start all over tomorrow with a fresh mindset regarding my food intake, new energy for my fitness regimen, new determination to lose the belly…

…and a brand new set of flex points!!!


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