So I had a baby.

I think that pretty much says it all.

I mean, every new Mom out there has experienced it… the stubborn baby bulge (or Buddha belly as I like to call it) after having given birth —  a gargentuous bump right in my middle. It hangs over the top of my pants. It extends out the sides so that it looks like I’m wearing a Goodwrench tire under my shirt.  I’m in that utterly horrible place where my maternity clothes are getting to be too big  but I’m too large to wear regular clothing (or regular BELTS for that matter!)

Yup, it’s there — my constant reminder of eight hours of labour (yah yah I know that’s technically short but it was long for ME ok?)

See, during my pregnancy I gained a whopping 70 pounds. Yup, you read that right — 70 POUNDS. I was never blessed enough to be one of those women who carried the pregnancy weight well. I gained that new-found-fat all over. My chin suddenly went MIA  and  I was a walking GoodYear Blimp for almost the entire 9 months. I grinned through the “oh you look amazing” remarks, appreciating the flattery but never fully believing it. I felt like a cow. Period. At my baby shower, family and friends guessed that my belly was three-meters-of-ribbon wide. They found this humourous. I, on the other hand, wanted to play in traffic. Oh, they also placed bets as to the baby’s weight and not one of them guessed under 10 pounds.

And then the baby was born…

…at six pounds.

Yup, either I had some serious water retention going on or every morsel of food I took in during the pregnancy had decided to stage a sit-in.  Somehow I’ve naturally lost 40 pounds over five months but currently I still have 30 pounds holding on for dear life.  Now don’t get me wrong. I DO NOT regret getting pregnant and giving birth to my son. I love my baby boy more than life itself and would gladly add another tire under my shirt for him. It’s the weight gain due to laziness and overeating throughout the pregnancy that I regret.

So as of Monday, July 20, 2009, I — Buddha Belly — am about to undertake the impossible. I’m going to lose the Buddha Belly weight. All of it. And keep it off.

This is going to be hard. Ok, let me rephrase that. This is going to be HELL. Not only will I have to adhere to a new routine of low-fat foods, small portion sizes and a strict exercise regiment, but I’ll have to do it all while trying to care for and enjoy every moment with my baby boy.

So welcome to my journey towards becoming  30 pounds lighter and never again having to suck in my stomach, leave the top button of my pants undone, groan when I look in the mirror or bawl in the fitting room of H&M.

Feel free to laugh with me (or at me), cry with me (or pass a tissue), ‘hollah’ or ‘hollah’ at me…or feel free to join me. Whatever you choose to do, this is my personal exploration of all things low-fat, high intensity and just plain exhausting.

Buh-bye Buddha Belly. Hello Abs!


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